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The look and finish of Swarang Clutch bag is very neat and sophisticated, the leather stays soft and the matte look goes well with my outfits. The color scheme is also unique and what separates it from other brands is the beautiful artwork on its sides. The neatness shows years of experience and focus. I love the bag and whenever I carry it, people stop to ask me about it. If I had to point out one thing that I would like in it would be a pocket or two with a zip. Look and finish: 5/5 | Usability: 4/5 | Color scheme: 5/5 | Size: 4/5

Akriti Jain

Traditional yet stylish. Subtle yet eye catching. Classy yet heartfelt. Not often does one find such an absolute and fabulous balance in design! Yet Swarang manges to create piece after piece of such magnificence. Extremely happy to be owning one of them 🙂 Love the finish and attention to detail! P. S. It's quite a head-turner and conversation starter as well!

Harnehmat Kaur


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